Join Billy and the “mOUga” movement with our limited supply of shirts and hats!  Hats are $7.50, shirts are $7.50, and shirt/hat combos are $12.50. *Autographed shirts now available!*


While others may claim to have the meats or be meat experts, WE MAKE THE MEATS! Every Billy Sims location has one thing in common: an on-site smoker where we smoke our meats that have been seasoned with our special blend of Billy Sims seasoning for up to 14 hours. It takes a special crew to make sure your meats are perfectly seasoned, dry-rubbed, aged and smoked for that one-of-a-kind Billy Sims flavor. Smells are always free and we look forward to seeing you at one of our locations soon!  It’s not just barbecue…it’s BOOMER-Q!

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